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NBA Owners and Players Close To Deal

Many sources are confirming today, that the NBA owners and players are close to striking a deal.  Don’t get too excited however, as this does not mean they will be playing basketball anytime soon.  There are still many issues that need to be worked out.  Among them is, it looks like the NBA will have to re-do the entire schedule.  It is now the NBA that will have to schedule around concerts and other events as many venues have started to line up their fall/winter concert schedules.


CBS Sports is reporting that the owners may be willing to accept a revenue split of 51.5-48.5 in favor or the players.  As it stands now the owners final offer was a 50-50 split.  The players union countered with a 53-47 split which was rebuffed by the owners.  The owners have told the players that they are willing to attempt to squeeze in a full season if the players can strike a deal quickly.  In other words, if the players accept the deal the owners are trying to pass, they will be able to recoup their lost paychecks while the owners have the security of having the next 10 years of the CBA in their favor.


If a deal is not struck this week, the new target date for starting the season would be December 1st.  There is a lot of posturing going on by both the owners and players at this point.  The players have not begun to lose their paychecks yet, and it would benefit the owners to continue to miss games rather than sign another poor CBA deal.


We heard many of the same things last week so do not put too much stock into this week’s meetings.  What is becoming clear though, is that at some point this season there will be NBA games.


When do you think the season will start?  Do you care?  Let us know what you think.  As always don’t forget for all your ticket needs.  Use discount code: WordPress


NBA Lockout Update

The day started so promising for NBA fans.  Word from inside the meetings was that everything was going well and sides were beginning to move.  Unfortunately, that sentiment did not last long.  Talks broke off between the owners and players after another a third consecutive day of meetings between the two sides.  The owners made their official offer of a 50-50 BRI split to the players however the players would not move below 52.5%.  Sources say that the players union presented a proposal to which would float the players between 50-53%.  The owners however, would not entertain the offer.  Their stance is that the owners will not move above 50% and at this point they do not want to hold another meeting until the players union accepts it.

In meeting with the press after the meeting Player Rep Derek Fisher took the gloves off for the first time.  Ficher stated “I want to make it clear that you guys were lied to earlier. Plain and simple.”  He also added “They’re interested in telling you one-sided stories that are not true.”

At this point it is safe to say that we are in store for the next round of cancellations.  Many people predicted before the lockout even began that there would not be much progress until some time in December.  The players are going over-seas, and the owners are not being forced to pay the huge contracts right now.  It needs to be pointed out that at the present time the owners and players are 3% away from each other.  If NBA were to cancels the next 2 weeks, players would have lost $400M. The difference in BRI is worth $800 million over 10 years!

Who do you think is more to blame in the lockout, the players or owners?  Let us know.  As always if you need tickets to any sporting event or concert check out Don’t forget to use promo code: WordPress for a special discount for our readers.

Biginthegame’s First Blog

This is our first blog submission in what we hope will be both entertaining and useful to you.  We aim to bring you the latest sports and entertainment news from across the United States.  We will be unbiased and do our best to bring you nothing but the facts.  If you have something in the sports and entertainment world you would like more information on, feel free to ask.  Our job is to bring you all the information you need.

NBA Lockout

First on the docket is the latest news the NBA lockout.  I don’t want to bore you with all of the non issues until something really breaks however for the first time since the lockout began the NBA owners and players will meet for a 3rd consecutive day.   Sources tell us that in today’s meetings there was some movement by both players and owners on the BRI (Revenue Split).  Per Cohen’s request (the mediator) both sides are remaining mum on what movement exactly there was.  At this point it is not hopeful of any agreement being reached anytime soon however there are positive signs.  It would be tough even for the NBA to meet for 24.5 hours in the last two days and not be any closer to a deal.  We will keep you up to date on the latest NBA lockout news.

Carson Palmer

Although the trade went down yesterday, I would still like to mention a few things in regards to it.  As many of you know the Cincinnati Bengals traded semi-retired quarterback Carson Palmer to the Raiders in exchange for a 2012 First Round draft pick and a conditional draft pick.  Let’s clear up exactly what the conditional pick is.  As it stands right now the trade was for a first and a second round draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  However, if the Oakland Raiders win at least one post season game this year the second round pick will turn into a 2013 First Round pick.   Cincinnati got more than anyone could have ever imagined for Carson Palmer.  Going into the season the Bengals said they would not trade Palmer and he said he would rather retire than play for the Bengals again.  The Bengals held all of the cards in this situation and with the surprisingly impressive play of Andy Dalton there was an opportunity to get something for Palmer.  With the injury of the Raiders’ Jason Campbell the Raiders were in dire need of a QB.  There was talk of trading for the Broncos’ Kyle Orton. However, in what seems to be a tribute to the late Al Davis the Raiders traded the farm away for Palmer, a QB who threw 20 interceptions last year.  Don’t get me wrong, Palmer will be a good fit in Oakland, but what is next?   When the season is over they will have: Carson Palmer, Jason Campbell, and Tyrell Pryor (whom they spent a 3rd round pick on). Assuming they will put Pryor at the WR position, they will have to make a choice between Palmer and Campbell and after spending to high picks on Palmer, he will most likely be the starting QB in 2012.  Jason Campbell is younger and has more upside at this point in their careers.  Palmer will fit in well with the Raiders but a QB like Kyle Orton would have served a decent fill gap until Campbell is fully healthy and the Raiders would have been able to keep their draft picks.  For the 2012 NFL Draft the Raiders only have a 5th and 6th round pick.  What team do you think made out better in the trade?  Tell us your thoughts.

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed the first edition of Biginthegame’s Blog and hope you will follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.  On to watch the World Series and we will have a write up tomorrow on Game 1.

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