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Tim Tebow’s Keys To Success This Week

The Denver Broncos take on the Miami Dolphins this week in what would normally be a match up of no interest around the country.  This game however, may be the most compelling game of the NFL weekend.  There are no match ups this week between two teams with a winning record, so the spotlight will be on the Broncos and Dolphins.  Miami has struggled selling tickets all year long.  Tickets have been selling for pennies on the dollar on the secondary market.  They too are taking advantage of Tebow coming to down.  Tim Tebow played college football at the University of Florida.  This week will be a homecoming of sorts for him, which is the first key for Tebow.  The Dolphins are also celebrating the University of Florida’s 2006 National Championship.

Many people forget that this is not Tim Tebow’s first NFL start.  He started the last three games in 2010 season with mixed results.   Tebow’s first start of 2011 will come in front of 50,000 Tebow fanatics.  The pressure will be far less on the road in Miami, than it would be in Denver.  He should be more comfortable, won’t have to deal with crowd noise, and is not facing a stellar defense.

The Denver Broncos must get off to an fast start.  If they fall behind and need to rely on Tim Tebow’s passing game they will be in trouble.  Tebow is a play-maker and although he led the University of Florida to many come from behind wins, that will not work in the NFL.  If the threat of Tebow running the ball exists, the Dolphins will be forced to keep a LB as a spy freeing up a man down the field.  The Broncos traded Wide Receiver, Brandon Lloyd last week but look for Demaryius Thomas to play after missing the first part of the season due to injury.

Establish the running game.  If the Broncos can pound the ball up the middle it will take much of the pressure of Tebow to make a big play off of him.  The Broncos’ running game has struggled this year.  Knowshon Moreno has not produced after being a first round selection.  Willis McGahee has been the stronger running back this year and for the rest of the season he will have to carry the team on his back if they have any plans to win more than 3 games.

Gameplan for Tebow’s strengths.  Reports out of Denver say that, Denver Broncos Head Coach. John Fox will not change the gameplan now that Tebow is the starter.  How much of it is trying to throw opponents off is yet to be seen.  Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton are two very different quarterbacks.  Tim Tebow is still not comfortable taking snaps from under center.  Look for Fox to call more shotgun plays than usual while mixing in more screens and slants.  Tebow has struggled with his accuracy, anything Fox can do to make it easier to get the ball in his receivers hands will be the key.

Tim Tebow could not ask for a better opportunity to make his 2011 debut.  All eyes will be on him this week and it is up to him to produce.  The Broncos will more than likely have a top 8 pick this year and if Tebow does not show signs of being a elite QB, look for the Broncos to draft  one in the 2012 NFL Draft.

How do you think Tim Tebow will do this week?  Are you rooting for him to succeed or fail?  As always don’t forget for your ticket needs.  Use promo code: WordPress for a special discount.

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