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Tim Tebow Is Not The Answer


Through the first five weeks of the NFL season, Denver Bronco fans had been calling for Tim Tebow to be named the starting quarterback.  After two starts this season, and three last season, it is clear that he is not the answer.  Tebow was a terrific collegiate player, however, that does not necessarily translate into success in the NFL.

Tebow fans rejoiced last week, as he led his team back from a 15 point deficit with less than three minutes remaining in the game.  The overtime victory came against a win-less Miami Dolphins team that seems to be leading the “Suck For (Andrew) Luck” sweepstakes.  Tebow looked terrible for the first 55 minutes of the game, missing wide open receivers all over the field.   In the last five minutes, Miami for all intensive purposes, packed it in and let the Broncos march down the field.  Miami was not even aligned in the right defense on the two-point conversion to tie the game.  The victory over Miami gave both Bronco fans and Tebow fans hope that he very well may be exactly what the Broncos need.

Tebowmania came crashing back down to earth today as the Detroit Lions completely dismantled the Denver Broncos in Denver.  Tebow completed 18-39 passes for 172 yards (It needs to be noted that the majority of the yards came in the fourth quarter when Detroit called off the dogs and put their back-up defense in the game).  One of Tebow’s knocks coming out of college, was that he holds on to the ball too long.  Once again he proved the detractors right, as he was sacked seven times.  His windup takes too long to complete giving the defenders an opportunity to strip the ball.  Against Detroit, Tebow fumbled the ball three times, one fumble that was returned for a touchdown by Detroit.

This is not what you want out of your starting quarterback.  Tim Tebow may be a nice guy and a fun guy to root for, but he is not a starting quarterback in this league.  The front office in Denver knows this, look for Tebow to get one or two more starts this year before turning to Brady Quinn to finish up the season.

If you are a Tebow fan, do you still think he can be successful in the NFL?

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